5 Ways To "Hook" Your Visitors

5 Ways To Hook Your VisitorsHey I'm a visitor, just got to your site, I'm part of the MTV generation and have an extremely short attention span... want to go ride bikes?  Just kidding... I'm here, so what you got for me?

Answer: You've got about 7 seconds to "hook" me... get me interested... get me to take action and go from a unique visitor statistic to a conversion.

This worked on you, didn't it?  I mean, if you're reading this blog post you've either landed directly on this page and are reading, or clicked through from another page on my site.

What now?  Well you really should sign-up for my newsletter, or subscribe to my RSS feed, or call me!  Too fast?  OK, we'll start slower, how about I offer more valuable information, establish credibility in myself and my company, and continue to work on earning your trust and business.  The important thing is that I offer you a way to give me another chance, right?  If you like someone, and you go out for the first "coffee date," don't you try and line up another opportunity to see that person?  It's the same with your website visitors.

First, make sure you are offering unique content that is of value to your visitor.  After that, you need to give them the opportunity to line up a second date with you, a chance for them to learn more about the value your business or blog provides.  Do this by:

  1. Offering a newsletter and making it easy for them to sign up.
  2. Offering RSS subscription capabilities so they can easily keep up with your blog.
  3. Offer a free E-Book.  An e-book that is more than just a sales pitch, make sure it is 95% valuable information, 5% about the services you provide.
  4. Make sure your contact info is available, and easy for them to save.
  5. They make say "let's be friends, but I know someone who might like you."  If this happens, make sure they can share you with their friends easily, eg. Facebook, Twitter, E-mail.

Want to learn more about how to get going with your 5 hooks?  Ha!  Now I've got you!  Keep reading, subscribe or call me... or don't, you can easily Google any of the above items and learn more, but remember, you'll never establish a long term meaningful relationship with your visitors unless you go for that second date!

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