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A blog is a great way to post content to the web. Blog's provide an easy back-end interface to control all aspects of the site, posting, editing, approving comments, adding advertisements, etc. MPS is proud to offer WordPress Blog Software to it's customers. WordPress is an industry leading solutions and is known for it's features and usability.

MPS Blog Website Solutions using WordPress
MPS Blog Website Solutions using WordPress
MPS Blog Website Solutions using WordPress
MPS Blog Website Solutions using WordPress
MPS Blog Website Solutions using WordPress


Categorize and Tag Your Posts

WordPress includes an easy system which allows you to categorize and tag your posts while you write them. WordPress automatically create archives based on your categories and add them to our global tag system and our tag surfer, so you get extra traffic as other people interested in the same topics as you will find your post and leave comments on your blog.

Spell-check, Previews, Autosave, Words, Photos, Videos

WordPress's built-in rich text editor makes it easy to create great looking posts. You can upload your own photos or easily include images from other services like Flickr or Photobucket. You can even embed videos from places like YouTube or Google. To keep you from looking too silly, we include an inline spell-checker that makes it easy to proof your posts. WordPress also has a preview feature that shows you exactly what your post or page will look like before you publish them for the world to see. Finally we know how frustrating it can be to lose hours of hard work, so every minute when you’re writing a post we save it to the server to keep your post safe in case your computer crashes or something else happens.

Integrated Stats System

WordPress has an integrated stats system which gives you up-to-the-minute stats on how many people are visiting your blog, where they’re coming from, which posts are most popular, and which search engine terms are sending people to your blog.

Lots of Privacy Options, including Members-Only Blogs

WordPress allows you to have a completely public blog, a blog which is public but not included in search engines or our public listings, or a private blog which only members can access. If you want a public blog, but only occasionally post something private, WordPress has per-post password option, too!

Import from Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, and More

If you already have a blog elsewhere and would like to move it over to WordPress, WordPress provides several import options that can import posts and comments.

A Great Blogging Community

WordPress is a community and conversations continue from one blog post to another and through the comments. Our tag surfer feature makes it easy for you to find like minded bloggers interested in the same topics as you and connect with them.

Sidebar Widgets for Flickr, del.icio.us, Meebo, and More

You can add “widgets” to your sidebar and rearrange them without touching any HTML code or messing up your blog. Just drag and drop the sidebar widgets around, and instantly you can have fun stuff in your sidebar. We’re adding new widgets all the time based on your feedback and requests.

Manage Regular Pages, not Just Blog Posts

WordPress has a feature called “pages” which allows you to easily create web pages. For example, you could add an “about me” page with your biography, and a link to that page would be automatically added to your sidebar. You can even create an entire web site using pages on WordPress.com, with a custom home page and your blog as one of the sub-pages.

Multiple Blogs and Multiple Authors

You can have as many blogs as you want! You’re only limited by your imagination. You can have group blogs with multiple authors who are allowed to post or contribute. This is great for topic blogs for things like books or politics, or just a blog for you and your friends in one place.

No Rebuilding

Every change and edit you make to your blog is INSTANT, there is no rebuilding or waiting. Same for comments.

Free One Month Webhosting.
We provide you with everything. And we will also give you a FREE One Month Webhosting of 250 MB webspace and 2.5 GB Bandwidth.

Upgrades to WordPress:
WordPress is constantly under development to improve functionality, add features, and keep WordPress secure. Updates are periodically released and must be installed to keep your website functioning properly and safe from hackers. We offer upgrade services at an hourly rate of $45 / hour. Typical site upgrades take about 1/2 an hour to complete, we will inform you when a necessary upgrade is available and upgrading is optional. We will highly recommend security updates to prevent hacker from disrupting your websites availability and functionality.

Because WordPress is a dynamic website application it stores your websites content and settings in a database. Periodic database backups are recommended. We can perform daily, weekly, or monthly database backups, or alternatively, train you to backup the database yourself. Backing up the database is highly recommended. The frequency varies depending upon how often you add / update content. If you are interested in backup services or have any questions please contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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Client Testimonials

  • MPS did an excellent job, they were very professional, and responded to our needs in a prompt and timely manner. They did a complete overhaul of our website, and we are very satisfied with the finished product.

    Charles Johnson
    Reboot Remedy

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